Would you “Like” me?

Will you “Like” me? Not like-like. Or even like, for that matter. But, “Like”?
Last week, while relaxing on vacation with my family, I removed Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone. You may not think this is a big deal. For me, it’s huge. I’m addicted. 
None of us have cell service and we’re STILL smiling!
I’ve been known to check statuses while at stoplights. I may seem like I’m looking for my dropped napkin while dining out, but really I’m checking Twitter. And there may have been a time or two that dinner burned on the stove because I just wanted to take a quick glance at my newsfeed. The quick glance that immediately turns into 10 minutes.
While giving up social media for one week was not the end of the world, it did make me aware of how much my life is affected by it. I experienced total FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 
It wasn’t just the FOMO that bothered me. It was the fact I couldn’t share information. When my daughters and I participated in Feed the Hungry, I wanted to jump on Twitter to tell the town of Bend, OR to come and serve a meal to the homeless. I wanted to post on Facebook and share with my friends about this awesome organization. Yes, I knew I would blog about it, but that would be at the end of the week. I need to say things NOW.
I would have tweeted this picture. Totally tweet worthy.
My idea came to me while lounging on an adirondack, staring into the forrest. Because that’s what I do when I’m on vacation and not online.
“Nature of a Servant” could have a Facebook page. It could be an information source for people looking for volunteer opportunities. It could be an encouragement source for those who need motivation to get away from the T.V. and serve. It could be a community source where anyone can share ideas about how to make this world a better place.
I found a way social media could be good for me.
The more I volunteer and search for the compassion I’m hoping to find, the more I realize I’m not alone. Others are out there excited about helping, too. Parents are looking for places to serve with their kids. Friends are looking for places to serve with each other. 
To be part of the Nature of a Servant Facebook page, click on this link or find the box in the right column of the blog that says “Follow on Facebook”. I’ll also let you know about volunteering opportunities on Twitter @Andee_Z.
I hope you’ll “Like” me. And I hope you’ll be part of a group that wants to make a change in the world.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

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