September Reflections – A State of Denial

Thus far in 2012 I’ve posted reflections each month end – a sum up of my thoughts on serving from the previous 4 weeks. Well here it is, October 3, and I still haven’t written about September. I’m in denial.
September can’t be over! I don’t want Fall. I scroll through tons of statuses on my Facebook wall reading friends’ excitement for the season. Well I’m not a fan.
The wind on my face bothers me. The cool weather is Mother Nature preparing me for 9 months of darkness. Sweaters are itchy and my jeans don’t fit. I’ve lost my husband and control of my television to the NFL. 
I am digging in my heels wishing it to stay summer, but it’s not working. Maybe I’m just frustrated that there didn’t seem to be enough days in September. 
The non-profit that is so close to my heart, The Children’s Book Bank, only had a finite amount of time to process a seemingly infinite amount of books. 
NCompass’ Christmas Festival for the Homeless is approaching quickly and I want more days in the month to request those needed donations. 
I really planned on having a September party to put together Welcome Boxes for local foster children.  It looks like that event will wait until another time.
So much need. So little time. 
My prayer is that October will bring days of productivity to help others in our community. 
And please, God, could You just hold off on the clouds until November?
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