Things I Want to Tell You – Week 43

I want to tell you I volunteered last week for Fork It Over, an amazing group of volunteers that pick up leftovers from school kitchens then deliver the leftovers to food pantries.
I want to tell you I’ve done this same job many times, mostly on the weeks my kids have dress rehearsals for whichever play they happen to be in. Why? Because I feel I can do this job in my sleep. Which is how I operate during dress rehearsal week.
The kids of Avonlea
I want to tell you to read about my previous experiences with Fork It Over, here:
I want to tell you volunteering with Fork It Over in the Beaverton School District is easy. Just follow this link for directions. If you live in another area, please contact your local district to learn how they take care of food leftovers. There are families in every city that can benefit from free food. (Even if it is processed and pre-packaged.)
I want to tell you I’m late posting last week’s experience because it was one of the most emotional weeks I’ve had in a long time, for many reasons.
I want to tell you my friend I wrote about last week went to be with God on Sunday afternoon. I know she is in a good place. I don’t know if I can say “better place” right now because what could be better than a place where you watch your children grow into adults.
I want to tell you I’m not excited about volunteering this week. It’s already Tuesday and I have no idea where I will serve. 
I want to tell you I’m having a love/hate relationship with this experiment I’ve given myself. What I’d like to do is to crawl into a hole and not talk to anyone for a week. 
I want to tell you I still believe God is perfect and even when I’m feeling low, I will trust His ways. I will continue to serve the less fortunate because for some, neighbor helping neighbor may be the first glimpse of God’s love.
I want to tell you I need your help in snapping out of this funk, and I think this might help:
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 from 2:00pm-5:00pm, I need your donations for NCompass’ Annual Festival for the Homeless. Empty out your closets and bring me:
  • Adult Warm Clothes
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Blankets
  • New Underwear – all sizes
  • Shoes
  • Duffel Bags
  • Anything that would make the life of a homeless person better this Christmas.
I want to tell you to BRING ALL DONATIONS to:
Kaleo Covenant Church, 15900 Southwest Regatta Lane, Beaverton, OR 97006.
I want to tell you I may be down, but I have a warm house and food to eat, so I guess I’d better get my act together and help those who don’t.
I want to tell you treat each day like a gift. Love more. Serve more. Laugh a ton.


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