Hey, Washington DC Politicians! Take a Walk in Your Own Backyard.

When visiting DC last month, my family spent a day visiting memorials. We solemnly paid tribute to men and women that died for our freedom. Edd and I explained to our girls the significance of each monument. But my favorite part was the walk around the Tidal Basin.
The artistic interpretations paying homage to a few of our country’s greatest leaders are inspiring and humbling. Emotionally moved, I thought to myself, “If I lived here, I’d visit every day just to commit these quotes and values to my heart.”
And then I thought to myself, “Our nation’s representatives DO live here. Why does it appear as if these basic morals don’t matter anymore?”
What if we required these representatives to take one lunch hour a week to walk around the Tidal Basin? Maybe there’d be less arguing, and a quest for peace and understanding.
Huh. Wishful thinking.

Happy Election Day, everyone! I pray we can all be friends on Wednesday.

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