Aware. My One Word.

I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon.

Sorry, I can’t even say that with a straight face.

Anytime a wagon with a band on it drives by, I jump.

The new year brings tons of blog-post resolutions and word of the year campaigns, like the movement at One Word 365. I like the word of the year idea. It allows me to be conscientious without stressing life if I mess up.

After finishing last year’s resolution to serve others on a weekly basis, I knew I needed the momentum to keep on task. But I was also relieved to not have a deadline for anything, even if said “deadline” was self-imposed.

I’ve written how my little experiment has changed me, and if I had to sum up how I now live my life, I’d say this: I am AWARE.

I may not be close to saving the world, but I am aware of what is out there.

And aware of who is out there.

Before last year, I would have passed this woman on the street. She may have asked for help, but I would have ignored her.

Now, I see her. I am aware. When I met her I cared about helping her find shoes, a warm jacket, and medical care. I think about her often. As well as the others on the streets of Portland. No longer can I just pass and look the other way.

Becoming aware has not only changed me, it’s changed my family. All 4 of us view the world differently now. Awareness affects our daily decisions – our budget, where we live, where we vacation. None of this may make sense to you. Yet.

Over time and blog posts, I’m aware that you may continue to see a change in me. And I hope to inspire you to be aware of your own surroundings as well.

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