First Time

The first time is always easier with a friend.

On Wednesday, 7 of my friends came to serve dinner to couch-surfing youth at HomePlate for the first time. 8 if you include the baby. 
3 of the lovelies in this pic have helped before. The dude in the back is a regular HomePlate attender. Of course he had to be represented.
We made chicken/rice bowls offering Cafe Yumm sauce. This is the easiest meal for me to coordinate. I’ll ask volunteers to bring store roasted chickens, rice, a ton of toppings, and call it good.
My eldest and her friend helped set up – but then decided babysitting was way more fun.
The best part about helping with HomePlate is hanging out with the youth. My friend, Mrs. B., used her 5th grade teacher/artist/creative genius skills to show some of the kids how to make 3D snowflakes.

I want to be Mrs. B when I grow up. Truly, I do. 
Most of these fine ladies that helped on Wednesday are school teachers, so helping on a school night isn’t always easy. I’m thankful we had a dinner scheduled over winter break. The evening was low-key, fun, and no one had to wake early for work the next morning.
Want to know more about HomePlate?
Terra, Development Director at HomePlate, will come speak at our church gathering on February 10 at our 10:15 worship service. I’m sure she’d love to meet you afterward and answer any questions you have.
What volunteer activity would you do with a friend? 
If you could go help in one place that may seem a tad intimidating to go to by yourself, where would it be? And would it be less scary if a friend went with you?
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