Going Away…This Time, “Aware”

Our family is going on a mini-vaction this weekend. I’m so excited to go to…

Well, I can’t tell you right now. It’s a surprise. Only my husband and I know where we’re going. And 13 of my closest friends. (Please don’t tell Edd. He’s begged me to keep this a secret.)

Big deal. We’re going away and I can’t even tell you where. Why am I even writing this post?

Because this time as we prepare to go on a trip, I am taking to heart my “One Word” of 2013. I am aware.

In 2012, every vacation was accompanied by a service project of some sort. And that was okay for last year. We will probably continue to serve in communities we visit this summer. But not this weekend.

This weekend is about my family. I’m solely concentrating on staying aware of my time with them.

Before last year, vacations were all about planning to the minute. I wanted to make sure none of our free time was wasted. I made spreadsheets for goodness sake!

My focus wasn’t on the kids, themselves. My focus was on what the kids did.

Last year, my primary focus weaned from my family even further. Accomplishing my goal became forefront in my mind. Sure, my kids benefited from volunteering with those less fortunate. And its not like I ignored them altogether. But I had a difficult time not letting my mind race to thoughts of things needing to get done.

This weekend, I am leaving the laptop at home. I won’t be thinking about the blog. I won’t be thinking about meeting other people’s needs. I won’t be thinking about all of the things I should be doing or the things that need to get done when I get home.

This weekend, I will BE with my family. Totally aware.

End note: Even though my MacBook will stay at home, I’ll have my iPhone. I can’t be totally cut off! “Like” Nature of a Servant on Facebook and I’ll post pics from our surprise location.

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