Motivation for Monday. Except it’s Tuesday.

At the beginning of the week, I’m attempting to post items that are happy or uplifting. The following may not motivating to you – but I know it will bring me happiness as I look back on this day.
We had been prepping our girls for a weekend trip to a water park for my eldest’s 13th birthday. They packed days ahead and looked forward to the drive up to Washington on Thursday after school.
Edd came home from work the night before our planned departure with different news.
“Girls,” he started, “I have a meeting in Tacoma tomorrow morning and the company is flying me to Seattle. How would you like to fly up with me and then we’ll drive to Great Wolf Lodge from there?”
They jumped in excitement. For a plane ride. Seriously.
As they fell asleep Wednesday night, they dreamed of flying on a plane and ending up at a water slide. On a trip that would normally take only an hour and a half to drive.
We lied.
All the way to the airport, eating breakfast, through security, and to the gate they believed our story. And they would have kept believing it if Edd didn’t force them to look at the destination sign above the agent desk.
The following is blurry because, apparently, I am not good with technology. You also can’t hear it very well. I need to learn subtitles. But you’ll get the idea.
Yes, we surprised them with a trip to Disneyland. I’m shocked that we pulled it off.
It was a great trip. I’ll tell you all about it in a future post. If you don’t know about my family’s obsession with all things Disney, take a look at some articles I’ve written in the past for the Disney travel website,
What’s the best surprise you’ve been able to pull off?

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