My Epiphany on Epiphany

It’s the 12th day of Christmas. Happy 3 Kings Day!
While we Americans have stuffed our holiday decor in tubs and packed them in the attic, the rest of the world is celebrating by remembering the Magi who followed the star to find the Christ Child.
For me, this Holy Day is about remembering the gifts I have been given:
My daughters who bring me joy. (Most of the time)
My husband that I adore. (Most of the time)
Food on the table.
Roof over my head.
A warm place to sleep at night.
Beautiful friendships. 
I am truly blessed.
Playmobil nativity set.
Although I’m pretty sure magic lamp is from Aladdin play set.
My Epiphany:
This blog began as a means of accountability for my quest to serve the less fortunate. My heart grew in compassion, a true “gift”. Now I want more.
I am not the same woman I was a year ago. My eyes have opened to the world around me. I pay attention. I’m more aware.
I want to continue to write about the places I volunteer. But I also want to share with you how my life is changing. Daily decisions aren’t as mindless. Articles and authors I never would have glanced at now motivate me to make a difference. 
Learning to have the “nature of a servant” looks like it might be a lifelong process. There may be a lot of writing in my future.

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