My Story. All 45 Minutes of It.

Two weeks ago I shared my testimony with our church congregation. You know what? I like to talk.

A lot.

Oh, look. Here I am talking.

If you’d like to hear what I said verbatim, click on this link and you can hear my story in its entirety.

I spoke from my heart. And if I hadn’t looked at the clock when I did, I would have kept speaking from my heart. I could have spoke from my heart all day.

You’ll notice at the end I sound a bit rushed. That’s because I looked at the clock.

So, if you want to hear my voice while you clean house,
or run,
or need a cure for insomnia
 – this is my story.

Nature of a Servant: My Resolution

Oh, look. Here I am talking.
Again to my friend, Sarah.
Hmmm. I see a pattern.

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