Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?!? Missouri Synod – You’ve Outdone Yourselves

I never thought I’d sit down and write a post in anger. But get ready. I’m riled.

This headline caught my eye on CNN’s website:

Lutheran pastor apologizes for praying in Newtown vigil

The article states that Missouri Synod Lutheran pastor, Rob Morris, was asked to apologize for praying in the Newton, CT vigil held for the Sandy Hook victims. According to his denomination, it is against Scripture to “join in worship with other religions”.
One of the children killed on that Friday in December was a member of Morris’ church.
Again, what?
You are telling me that a brutally murdered child’s pastor attended a memorial, prayed for that child and the 25 others killed, and has to APOLOGIZE for it?!?
No. Just, NO!
First of all – it wasn’t evening church service. It was a sacred remembrance for what those families…nay, our NATION had just gone through.
Second of all – if a tragedy happens in my family, ever, I want my pastor around to comfort as much as I need him to be. Do you hear me? That means if there is a memorial, a vigil, a family picnic, a funeral, a burial – I want him/her there!
Synod President, Matthew Harrison gave Romans 16:17 as grounds for demanding this apology:

“I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them.”
Let me tell you something Reverend Harrison: The guy who went on a shooting rampage and killed CHILDREN and their TEACHERS in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? He caused divisions and put obstacles in my way contrary to the teaching I have learned.

Rob Morris, PERSONALLY AFFECTED BY THE SHOOTING, was praying at a vigil trying to BIND divisions and REMOVE obstacles! Why are you trying to stop him?
Maybe this hits so close to home because I grew up in a Lutheran church. I was a youth pastor at a Lutheran church. Not Missouri Synod, but still. Right now I’m embarrassed to even be slightly affiliated with the name.
Pastor Rob Morris: I beg you, keep doing the work Christ asked of you. Do not play the games of church politics. I’m sure the victim’s family who are part of your flock needed your presence. Even if there were Muslims, Jews, Catholics, or God-forbid, Presbyterians and Episcopalians in the room.


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