I Love HomePlate

The last post I wrote is burning a hole in my gut. Anger and darkness eat away at my soul. There is hate. And I have to get rid of it.

The only way to combat hate is love. So, if I may take a few minutes of your time, here is a post about something I love:

I love HomePlate.

I love knowing there is an organization that cares about our community’s couch-surfing youth.

I love for a few nights a week, young people struggling have a place to go where they know someone will feed them, clothe them, help them find appropriate resources, and genuinely show concern for their wellbeing.

I love watching youth taking a break from hard lives to be creative.

I love for one Wednesday a month, I am able to participate in all of the above.

I love having friends who are equally passionate about making others’ lives a tad better.

I love talking with HomePlate staff – both paid and unpaid – about the generosity in their hearts.

I love that every time I think about HomePlate, the selfish, angry, dark place in my heart fills with joy and the weight on my shoulders lightens.

I love anticipating the visit of Terra Neilson, Development Director for HomePlate, at Kaleo Covenant on Sunday, February 10 at 10:15am when she will give a plethora of information about this fantastic non-profit.

I love looking forward to the hundreds of people that will be inspired to volunteer with HomePlate after reading this post and hearing Terra on Sunday. (Hey. A girl can dream.)

Whew. Okay. I feel better now. Love really can replace hate. 

If you need more love in your life, consider volunteering with those less fortunate than yourself. Comment below or like my Facebook page if you need suggestions. I bet together we can make a huge difference in our communities. 

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