Motivation for Monday – A Tribute to Richard Twiss

Today’s post isn’t a cute video clip or funny news article, but I hope it motivates and inspires you nonetheless.

Over the weekend, Richard Twiss passed away after suffering a heart attack.

His words have changed the way I view missions and serving.
…the way I teach American history to my home schooled daughter.
…the way I open my eyes and heart a little wider to different cultures.
…the way I live my life.

I wrote this after hearing Richard Twiss for the first time at the Justice Conference last year.

I follow him on Twitter and he cracks me up with tweets like this:

His website, Wiconi International, is an educational experience in itself.

For a man I’ve never met, I sure will miss his presence here on earth. 

To really get a feeling of the magnitude of this most meaningful life, read this blog post from Red Letter Christians. Then study the work of Richard Twiss. I promise, his words will add significance to your daily being.

So thank you Richard. May your courage and wisdom continue to inspire us to greatness, and may your humility and common-ness continue to inspire us to smallness.

 Shane Claiborne

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