Couch-Surfers, I’m Thinking of You

Dear Couch-surfers,

I thought of you today. Not that I don’t think of you often – I do – it’s just today I made myself think of you.

See, we recently bought a house. (I feel a little guilty even admitting that to you. Like I’m  bragging about something I have but you don’t.) I like this house. However, some things are not quite right.

Boxes are everywhere and I don’t know where a lot of my stuff is. I’m getting used to navigating in a new kitchen and trying to adjust the TV volume loud enough where I can hear but quiet enough that I won’t wake the kids. I can’t find a good spot for my hair dryer and the outlets in the bathroom are kind of wacky. My dishes don’t fit in the dishwasher.

Do you understand now, sweet Couch-surfer, why I must keep you in the forefront of my mind? If I am aware of you, I will stop acting like the spoiled brat I am. I will concentrate my efforts your way. 

When I think of you, my desire transfers from myself to ensuring you are fed and praying you have somewhere warm to sleep tonight. You young kids with babies of your own: your toddlers’ precious laughter remains my song that pulls me out of self-pity. Thank God for places like HomePlate where you can all come together for a meal, a safe place to hang out, and friends who help you with the resources you need.

Erin, Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire,  getting a bite to eat.

Couch-surfers, you have a piece of my heart. I’m not sure how just yet, but I know I need to use this house of mine, these things of mine, this life of mine to make a difference. 

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