Motivation for Monday – Another Lesson from the Kids. Everyone is Special.

On Saturday, I took my kids and their friends to see a children’s theater production. You may remember the girls are involved with Journey Theater Arts Group here on the west side of Portland. This weekend, we supported the Journey group across the river in Vancouver.

HONK is the familiar tale of the Ugly Duckling and recounts his adventures around the lake before transforming into a kingly swan. Through music and humor the play reminded all of us that uniqueness is beautiful and should be celebrated.

After the curtain call, I was anxious to get back on the road. Hunger began to set in and I had a million things to do at home. My 10 year old had other ideas. 

It is custom for the entire cast to do a “meet and greet” in the lobby after each show. She grabbed a pen, took out her program, and started asking for autographs.

“Sweetie,” I tried to reason, “there are almost 70 kids in this cast. It will take forever to get everyone’s signature. Why don’t you head toward the end of the line and meet those in the lead roles?”

“MOM!” she scolded as loudly as her clenched teeth would allow, “I am not going to miss anyone! Everyone was important in this play. I am going to make each cast member feel special!”

And she did. From the youngest 8 year old Froglet, to the Kingly Swan, to the Choreographer – she got those autographs. My daughter’s friends remained at her side telling each performer how wonderful they were. 

I learn a ton from my kids. Of course, everyone deserves to feel special. If lifting up a friend /a stranger/ a child takes time away from whatever I think is important at the moment, so be it. 

God, dig this lesson into my brain, into my heart. Never let my pettiness get in the way of building up another.

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