Motivation for Monday – Ok. I’m Scared.

Eleanor Roosevelt has been my hero since 3rd grade. I’m not exactly sure what turned me on to the First Lady, but every time I had to turn in a biography for a school assignment, it was about Mrs. R.

My role model’s words are posted in our kitchen for all to see.

I’ve tried to live by these words on a daily basis. Sometimes I try things a little scary. Sometimes I try things a lot scary. But every day, I try.

A few weeks ago I did something a little scary. On my Twitter feed I read about the Faith & Culture Writers Conference in Portland during the first weekend in April. This is something a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m curious and I want to learn. But, really, who do I think I am? A writer?

After I tried something a little scary, I felt bold and did something really scary. Like, really.

Like, I’m scared to even tell you how scared I am to do this scary thing.

But I will. Okay, ready?

I signed up to meet with a literary agent to discuss a book proposal.

Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh. What was I thinking?!? 

At the time I registered, I felt brave. Now I’m wondering what I got myself into. I know I have to go through with it. It’s who I am. It’s what Eleanor Roosevelt would want me to do, gosh darn it.

Think of me on Friday and Saturday and know that wherever I am at that conference, I will be scared. Want to know the great part about doing something scary every day? I know now that scary things mold me, mature me, and force my mind to open a little more.

What about you? What will you do today, or this week, or this month that will scare you enough to grow into a better person?


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    Thanks for reading! And if I summon up the courage, I will introduce myself. Good luck with all of the details. I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

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