Still Following Chasing Rainbows and Remembering the Babies Gone Too Soon

I had an idea I was going to write about today, but after following Chasing Rainbows for the last 48 hours, nothing I have to say sounds all that important any more. Because a mama is loosing her son.
I know today thousands of other mamas are loosing their babies, too. And I’m just so distraught. I wish I could take away the suffering.
21 years ago this month, my cousin lost her 12 year old baby. Not a day goes by that she and her husband don’t long to be with their daughter. I was 21 when she passed away. Old enough to grieve but nowhere near knowledgeable enough to understand a parent’s love. 
Looking at my own daughters now, ages 13 and 10, I pray every day that God spares me from the excruciating pain that my cousin had to bear. The pain Kate Leong experiences at this very moment.
Friends, I ask that you take time this weekend to pray for the children who have left this earth too soon. On Facebook, Kate promises there will be a way we can help rather than sending flowers. I, for one, am looking forward to whatever cause will honor the life of 5 year old, Gavin.

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