Why God Created Bloggers – Prayers for Gavin

A Google search shows there are 873gazillionbajillion bloggers on the internet. And that’s just in the U.S. If you have wifi in your home, chances are, there’s a blogger living there.
My point being, blog posts will be in cyberspace way past the times of Revelation.
So why then, even attempt to blog when the market is pretty much saturated?
My reasons are this: to inform and to inspire. Even if it’s just one lone reader affected by the words God gives me.
There is one serial on the blogosphere I look forward to seeing in my Bloglovin’ reader every day. Chasing Rainbows.
Kate Leong journals the daily happenings with her, oh my gosh there can be no cuter boys on the planet, sons. Gavin, born with special needs, gets closer every day to keeping up with his brother, Brian, by golly.
This week, I read Kate’s posts about Gavin’s slight fever. Is it a cold? Maybe not. Yesterday’s dentist appointment alerted the family that 6 year molars are on the way. Phew. 
But today. Today. Today, I read mass Facebook posts to all Chasing Rainbow blog followers:
Ummm. No.
No. No. No. 
God, this can not be happening. Can it?
I don’t know Kate personally. I’ve read about her struggles and joys. There have been a lot of struggles. Her joy is her two boys. 
Praying for Gavin tonight, a God thought entered my head. I think I’ve figured out the reason the Holy Almighty One created those who blog. 
When Kate emailed Glennon Melton of Momastary for prayer warriors, the Monkee leader sent the message. And Kate sent her own messages. And others, and others, and others, and me. And now there are 946 mazilliongajillionbitrillion prayers shooting straight to heaven.
We are praying for you. We are crying for you. We want you here with us on earth, do you hear? And even if I never meet you in person, Gavin, I will know what you’re up to because your mama is so proud, she tells us every triumph you gain. We rejoice with you!
We are praying for you, Ed, and Brian. We are crying with you. We want to read stories about those boys and watch them grow. Thank you, Kate, for sharing yourself with so many of us strangers. 
We will not stop praying.

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