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It’s been a Love Does Stuff week on the blog. I departed the 2 day conference immensely encouraged. Everything I’ve learned rattles around in my gray-matter and I’ve been spending a lot of time in silence trying to sort it all out. Luckily for all of us, inspiration from Bob Goff, author and father of Love Does Stuff can be as close as your Kindle or nightstand.

Love Does is not a “how to” book. It’s not a “you should” book or a “self-help” book. The 23 stories in this non-fiction read are written to share how Bob expresses love. 

The thing is, he makes doing good look so easy. After all, he’s a pretty ordinary guy. He’s just used his life to do extraordinary things. I don’t think he’s aware of the phrase, “You can’t because…” 

My favorite tales in this book involve his kids. Maybe because I try every day to parent the right way.  Bob shares what can happen when you let the kids discover their own way, all the while standing by in love. (I don’t get the sense he’s a helicopter parent.)

In the chapter, “Go Buy Your Books”, you’ll see how Bob doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Seriously. Who puts this much energy into something after being rejected? This guy.

“Jeepology” convicted me to the core. After a could-have-been-totally-tragic car accident, Bob blesses the person at fault. This is not my nature. I have to work, super-duper hard, at forgiveness. Reading this story you take in Bob’s love and see the compassion filling his heart.

Learn about his work in Uganda with Restore International and you will be motivated to do something, anything, to accomplish “doing love” yourself. 

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Quick! Off the top of your head, what is one way you can show love in a way you haven’t before? 

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