Twice Cleansed: Soap With a Story

Recently, my friend Tiffany told me about an amazing product: Soap.

Yes. Soap. I know! It’s really hard to get excited about soap. Except now I’ve used the soap and know the story behind the soap, and so I must share with you.

Nature of a Servant Twice Cleansed

Micro-financed project Twice Cleansed serves a sole purpose; to end sex trafficking. Hearts in Harvest manufactures in Lebanon and creates jobs in at-risk communities. Profits from soap sales help fund job creation and education for kids at risk for being trafficked.

Nature of a Servant Twice Cleansed

Twice Cleansed makes it’s home base right here in Portland. Tiffany volunteered to sell the soap, so I have my own personal distributer nearby. The good news is you can buy from her, too. She doesn’t make any money selling the product. Funds go directly to the cause.

Twice Cleansed Sales

As if supporting the movement to save girls in danger weren’t enough, the actual cleansing product gives me hope for my skin.

I wash my hands. A lot. Because I have kids and I grocery shop and I shake other people’s hands and I am so aware of germs in everything. As a result, my hands are dry and I’m starting to see wrinkles. I don’t want my grandmother’s hands!

After one use of Twice Cleansed (one!), I was hooked. Of the 3 ingredients in this soap, olive oil is first. Just removing the dry product from the package I could feel something special. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m dying from the softness of my skin. 

Twice Cleansed Nature of a Servant

A single bar of Twice Cleansed is $6.95 and a four pack is $24.95. Buy some for gifts, but definitely buy some for yourself. 

Mother’s Day is Sunday. If you are looking for a last minute present, Twice Cleansed will make Mom happy and the money you spend will go towards saving youth from a life of sex slavery. It’s a win-win. Contact Tiffany if you are in the Portland area at TwiceCleansed (at) Gmail (dot) com, or order directly off the Twice Cleansed website.

My First Ever Give-Away!

I know, I know…I once said I wouldn’t do “give-aways”. But I love this soap so much, I want to give one bar to a lucky friend so someone new can see how great this product is. Comment below with the answer to this question:

“What charity are you passionate about?”

On Mother’s Day, a commenter will be chosen at random and a bar of Twice Cleansed will be sent off to the winner. I can’t wait to learn what causes are important to you!

*This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Twice Cleansed, nor did anyone tell me to write what I wrote. I simply support the cause and love the product.


  1. Minda says

    I know it isn't a small "hip" charity, but I have always supported The Salvation Army because they delivered Christmas gifts to my dad's family one year when the family was having a hard year financially. How can I not support a charity that gave my dad Christmas. 🙂
    But this soap sounds wonderful…I will have to add it to my list.

  2. Kaili says

    I have a funny answer to your charity question:

    My current favorite charity has to be the one that my students recently created in response to a few students not being able to pay their rent in my classroom economy. I have a few students who refuse to do any class work that involves any effort on their part, so because of that, they were considerably short on funds to pay their rent. I actually followed through this month and took away their desks after a week's grace period. After two days of no desks for three of my students, a few caring individuals started a non-profit student store in an effort to help those who were unable to pay their rent. In two days, they had earned enough money to pay off the other students' rent and as of today, helped them to pay off fines that they had also had outstanding.

    I wrestled with which learning was more important: the learning of the students that lost their desks due to their inability to pay rent… or the unexpected compassion of their classmates. This charity has probably been the highlight of my school year. 🙂

  3. Cheryl White says

    One of my most favorite charities is Birthright. It has been around a l-o-n-g time. It was put in place before the whole Roe vs Wade and pro-life/pro-choice became a trendy topic for heated debates and firebombs. It does exactly what many who are pro-choice mean; gives the girl and all involved all information without scary pictures as to what is legally available in the case of a crisis pregnancy. It gives clothing for mom and baby if needed and an open door and ear even if abortion is the answer chosen. It survives on donations and is quietly, non-politically; loving, giving and holding. There is a Birthright of Hillsboro and one in virtually every US state, Canada and abroad.

    I am so on this soap! I am a bar soap/bubble bath girl and the added bonus of doing anything to slow/stop sex-trafficing is right up my alley! Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. says

    Kaili, every day your work is charity! I love this story so much. It makes me miss the classroom. God has blessed those kids with you!

  5. says

    Cheryl, for being around such a long time, I'm surprised I haven't heard of Birthright. Thanks for shedding light on it.
    As far as the soap – you will love it. I never thought I could be addicted to soap…but there it is. Contact Tiffany!

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