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My 43rd birthday is today! In 22 years I have not been this excited for a birthday. 

Nature of a Servant Donate

I’m not your friend who makes a big deal about the yearly milestone. I’m not the woman who has made peace with getting older. I’m not the chick who calls laugh lines and grey hair a badge of honor. 

It’s not that I think I need Botox or plastic surgery to fool others in my appearance. My brain just hasn’t caught on to the fact it’s not 1987. Or I’m not a size 5. Or my 80’s alternative tunes are now “oldies”.


Nature of a Servant HomePlate

But this year! This year is different. This year I’m excited to tell the world I have been on this planet for 43 years! I want to celebrate all I have been blessed with my entire life. And to do this, I want to help give other kids a chance at making positive choices in their own lives.

So this girl who doesn’t ask for gifts is now asking you to reach into your pockets and donate to HomePlate Youth Services. Give anything you can – all will go toward resources to help youth without stable support systems.

Nature of a Servant Birthday
My kids will always have parents around to support them.
Will you help those who can’t say the same?

Click on this link to contribute. Together, our little bits will matter a lot in the lives of local couch-surfing kids.

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  1. Earl Dizon says

    Love this post! Happy Birthday (again)! Congrats on reaching your fundraising goal! The world is truly a better place with you in it!

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