All I Want For My Birthday Is…

Nature of a Servant Birthday

So, it’s my birthday this month. I turn 43. There’s nothing particularly significant about 43. The age doesn’t warrant a huge party or a trip to Hawaii. But for me? I want 43 to be legendary. 

At least legendary for me and a bunch of homeless kids.

This year, I’m asking for gifts. I know! A good upbringing tells me it’s rude to ask for presents. But I’m doing it anyway. And I’m doing it for the kids who aren’t fortunate to have the same positive childhood I was blessed to have.

For my birthday, I’m asking you to donate $43 (or $3, or $23, or whatever you can) to HomePlate Youth Services.  

The staff at HomePlate have the biggest hearts of any group of people you’ll meet. Some of them spend their days on the MAX line, handing out water bottles and granola bars, inviting kids without stable housing to come to dinner. Some staff assist kids researching job possibilities, collect items for clothes closets, or find medical resources. Others coordinate groups to cook the meals, to garden, to participate in fundraisers.

Nature of a Servant Birthday
The entire staff love on these youth who haven’t been shown a lot of caring in their lifetimes.

Click on this campaign link at, and donate an amount to HomePlate. Together we can make “43” a very special milestone.

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    Thanks, friend. I hope others out there become involved with organizations like HomePlate. It's difficult not to be passionate about a staff that give their all so homeless youth have a fighting chance in this world!

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