Message for Monday (and the rest of the week) : Recharge

This week past falls into one of the more special in my lifetime. 

I celebrated my 43rd birthday and asked everyone able for a gift: a donation to HomePlate. My $430 goal surpassed, HomePlate now has $600 more in their resources account. The generosity of my friends and family became so humbly apparent this week.

$575 here + $25 via another source = $600!!!

If you’d still like to give, all donations are much appreciated. Follow this link for the charity webpage.

One gifted chick

We celebrated our youngest’s 11th birthday over the weekend. A fairy theme, my oldest served as chief decorator and party planner to a small house full of girls. 

Older sister / Event Planner / Future Disney Cast Member

This week, I am taking time to stop. Time for an extended Sabbath, if you will. Time to be still and know that He is God.

Edd and I are spending a few days at our favorite Bed & Breakfast; a place that caters to guests who love to read. Rooms have no TVs and WiFi is not available.

I won’t bring my laptop. I will bring my plush, comfy blanket to surround me while I spread out by the fireplace with one of the 10 titles I’m bringing. 

Just a few of the books I’m hoping to get through.
It could happen!

I’m giving the blog a week long sabbath as well. Though I won’t be posting here, you can bet I’ll be on Instagram often. 

Do you take a weekly Sabbath? (It is a commandment, you know. Even listed before “Thou shalt not kill.”) How do you take a “time out?”

Talk to you next week!

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