Motivation for Monday – Just Say “No”

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You can always tell when this family has too much going on. 

Piles of junk build on every countertop. Our tempers rise and we are short with each other. The rock in my gut remains constant as I stressfully try to make it to the next event/ accomplish the next task/ finish the next assignment. Laughter is a sound forgotten.

Usually we hit a breaking point when we mentally crash. Edd and I glare at each other and know that something has to give.

In his blog ZenHabits, Leo Babauta shares 9 Rules for a Simpler Day. 

1. Know What’s Important
2. Visualize Your Perfect Day
3. Say ‘No’ to Extra Commitments
4. Limit Tasks
5. Carve Out Un-distraction Time
6. Slow Down
7. Mindfully Single-Task
8. Batch Smaller Tasks, Then Let Go
9. Create Space In Between

Read Babauta’s post here for reasons and explanations behind each rule.

A few rules I know, but just need reminders; like slowing down or saying “no” to extra commitments. Most of these rules however, don’t come naturally to me; especially batching smaller tasks, carving out un-distracted time, and creating space in between.

Are your days simple or do you run around without time to breathe? Which of these rules do you follow on a regular basis, and which are brand new to you?

Original Article: 9 Rules for a Simpler Day by Leo Babauta


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    Andee- I love your blog! It was really good to see you tonight for the Gabe Lyons talk- thank you so much for coming up to me with such energy and sharing your experience at this year's Faith & Culture Writers Conference! It meant a lot to me to hear those words- It was also really great talking after wards- I love your passion and enthusiasm and warmth- I look forward to continued connection . . . blessings, cornelia

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