Motivation for Monday – It’s Time

I’ve taken a vacation from life these past 2 weeks. Not all life, mind you. I still managed to feed my children and take out the garbage. I even went to HomePlate one night. But other than that, I took a break.

Odd emotions come into play when I allow myself these breaks. Instead of feeling rejuvenated, my mind goes into a darker place. Instead of a “Let’s Go Get ’em!” mentality I fall into a “What the Hell is it All For?” mindset.

I’m a joy, I tell ya’.

God heard my cry (well, more like my complaints) as I came across a post by Sarah Bessey last week. She starts with these paragraphs:

Why bother writing a book? Why does any one need another book? The world is full of books. There have been too many books, most of them never should have been published. Everything has been said already. And why does the world need another painting, another song, another band, another blog or a poem, another work of art, a painting, a documentary? There is enough of it all to satisfy anyone.
The world doesn’t need another artist or even another doctor or teacher, surely there are enough by now. Newspapers, pieces of furniture, it all ends up in the trash soon, the bargain bin, forgotten. Why does the world need another church service, another church plant, another prayer meeting, another intentional community of believers? Why bother praying? Why bother fasting? Why bother sitting in silence and waiting, why bother making meals or cleaning your house, why bother reading?

Girlfriend is talking to me! Now, she didn’t stop there. Because then my negative philosophy would have been proven. Her advice? Do it anyway.

Read her whole kick-in-the-butt post here.

So, now it’s time. Time for me to do it anyway. I’m struggling lately with my place in life. Sure, I’m a mom and wife and love my family to the moon and back. But what else?

I’m not a teacher anymore. I’m not a youth minister anymore. There are no writing deadlines or agents leaving voicemails. Who. Am. I?

Nature of a Servant retreat
Monday retreat

Edd and the girls surprised me with a night out on my own. Tonight I’m taking advantage of a hotel room in my favorite city to be alone. To pray. To read. To write. To really figure out what I’m going to do anyway.

Time for me to heed Sarah’s wisdom:

So stop asking whether or not anyone wants it or needs it, and simply do it because you were made to do it, because it makes you fully alive to do it, because you are working out what God has already worked in, because it matters, because you are called to the ministry of reconciliation, because the seeds might just catch and someday, perhaps, you’ll sit by the banks of river under the spreading branches of a tree of righteousness.

What makes you feel alive? Are you acting on it? If so, please share. If not, what do you need for encouragement?


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