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Can’t have the kids up to no good during these footloose days of summer, so we’ve allowed plenty of time to volunteer around town. The best part? The kids love serving with their friends, so for them it’s just more social, hang-out time!

While not my own children,
these lovely ladies served dinner at HomePlate this month.

Every Saturday I coordinate volunteers to hand out sack lunches to kids who can benefit from a free lunch. For 3 hours, we set up, give out sandwiches and milk, and play, play, play!

Pre-Teen Toy Managers

Every age hangs out together on Saturdays

Monday night outings are my girls’ favorite. We head Northwest Children’s Outreach and pack donated items creating gift bags for young people across the community. All ages can help out at NCO. Toddlers make excellent “toy testers.”

Working? They’re not working.
It’s all about having fun!

Her goal every time is to find the best. toy. ever!

Volunteers packed 51 bags on Monday evening. I noticed a huge need for boys clothes, especially size 8-18. Underwear and socks for every age were slim pickin’s. When cleaning out the closets to make room for back to school purchases, keep Northwest Children’s Outreach in mind for all of those outgrown clothes, toys, and books. You’ll find a list of locations here.

Portland’s go-to volunteer opportunity website, Hands On Greater Portland, just added more options for families with kids ages 0-10. Now there are no reasons any kid should be left out of the serving fun!

What serving suggestions do you have for families with kids in different age ranges? My friend Becky and her family are hosting their own book drive with donations benefiting The Children’s Book Bank. How cool is that?

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    Hey Andee. I'm stopping by from your link on "How they blog". What a great challenge you've given yourself for serving others. I'm sure it's not easy, but I imagine you are learning so much as well as setting an example for your girls. That's awesome!

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