Sara's Wedding

I’ve known Sara almost half my life. She’s known me for 2/3 of hers. A squirrelly, passionate, spiritually faithful, 10 year old when we met, you could count on her to be by my side during my youth ministry years. 

Now an adult, Sara is a more passionate, more spiritually faithful, and a tad less squirrelly. By this time next year, I’ll address her as Reverend Sara. The student has become the master.

Sara got married a few weeks ago and the wedding was so…well…so Sara. She’s always been one to foster community and the celebration of her nuptials followed her vision to the core.

Jesus, who calls us to the table, and calls us to community with one another. Even with the chaos, the confusion, the unexpectedness and the messiness of having all our people involved in the day: this seemed to be even for that moment the center of all that. Community. What a beautiful mess. ~ Sara S.
Sara and Josh served communion as part of their ceremony.
I may have shed a few tears.
Read Sara’s take on her wedding preparations. I think you’ll find a wedding focused on simple community may not be easier than one prepared in extravagance – but perhaps more meaningful.
Of course this is her choice in footwear. 

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