Broken walls
Flikr: Creative Commons Photo by Lynette

The dishwasher makes a grinding noise during the wash cycle.

To turn on the oven, you need to press the “light” button. For the light, press “clock”. The time constantly reads 3:13.

The puppy, our little teddy bear, turned 6 months and will. not. stop. barking.

Our house on the market in the Seattle area, slated to be sold today, is now in delayed escrow. The buyers’ lender went bankrupt.

The elected officials of our nation decided to throw a temper tantrum that has lasted for more than 2 weeks. My kids would be seriously grounded if that happened at home. 

All of a sudden, this fall, newsmakers are capitalizing on the fact that the Washington Redskins have a politically incorrect name. Ummm, duh. Why wasn’t this taken care of 20 years ago?

Why does everything seem to fall apart all at once? Why do I feel broken when it does?

All of it – every single issue – only first world problems. 

Time for me to pray.
Time to re-read Psalm 13.
Time to give up what I can’t control.
Time to walk the puppy.
Time to fix it.

Step 1: Fix
Step 2: It
Step 3: FIX IT

What do you do when you feel everything is breaking around you? Do you let it get you down, or do you pull up your boot straps and fix it?

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