HomePlate’s Sit-N-Stay

Last Saturday, I finally made it to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. Not that I’m lagging behind the rest of the city, or anything. The season may be heading toward the finish line, but the apples, pears, and strawberries (Yes! Strawberries! Even this late in the season.) were delicious and well worth the sunny stroll around local farmers’ booths.

I’ll be honest. The true reason I wanted to visit the popular farmer’s market had nothing to do with the food. My friends from HomePlate set up shop just outside the market with their pet Sit-N-Stay business and I really wanted our pooch, Thorr, to visit.

Sit-N-Stay interviews, trains, then provides work experience to youth who benefit from HomePlate’s services. Supervised employees ensure your furry loved one is well cared for while you shop for seasonal produce. Each pet gets his own shady tree and water dish while HomePlate youth shower canines with praise and treats. 

The cost for doggie-sitting is $5/half-hour. The fenced off pet area is located near the south entrance of the market, near the fountain. Shopping crowds are a tad lighter during these fall months. Bringing Fido to Sit-N-Stay in the next few weeks provides a super way to support a small business making a difference for youth and four-legged friends in our community.

Just ready to love on your pet!

For more information, visit Sit-N-Stay’s website or read this article from OregonLive, published in May. 

You know, Spring. 

You know, the beginning of the farmer’s market season.

Sigh. Someday I’ll catch up with things.


  1. Alfred Day says

    Sometimes you're so much like my Mom it is well and truly scary. Substitute Christmas for Halloween and it's exactly the same sentiment.

  2. Kaili says

    Halloween is my least favorite holiday for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I'm proud of myself this year though, as I went out on a limb to go out of my comfort zone and dressed up for our school carnival. It wasn't without much anxiety… but I made it and admittedly, had fun. Tonight's trick-or-treating was only fun because of the joy it brought my almost three-year-old to go door to door. I find it odd to say I might actually like Halloween just a little bit now. 🙂

  3. says

    I have no doubt that I channel your mother on a regular basis. In fact, she shall have a photo of honor on my All Saints Day altar next year. And just wait until my Christmas posts. Not quite as negative as Halloween, because I do love Christmas. But if one more person tells me all about the "Christ" in Christmas and then goes all materialistic and into deep debt so their kid can have the latest iDevice, I'm going to loose it.

  4. says

    Kaili – here's a little secret. I actually had to take one of my anti-anxiety pills yesterday. But to tell you the truth, Halloween was better for me in the toddler years (before school and kids reading catalogues.) It also was a tad better this year. Other than the bow and plastic arrows that Edd bought Youngest, everything else were items they already owned.

  5. Laura Olson Johnson says

    I used to feel the same way. But for the last several years, we volunteer at trunk or treat at church. We spend Halloween fellowshipping with our church members while doing community outreach and bringing smiles. No scary decorations allowed.

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