Blessed by Friends

It usually takes a special event, like a wedding, graduation, or significant birthday to gather with a variety of friends. As young actresses, our daughters’ theater productions have become a congregation of those close to us showing support. Just finished with their last show for the Fall season, I reflected on this weekend and how blessed we are by our friends.

Friends that come 150 miles to support us.

Friends we see on a daily basis.

Friends in the show holding each other up literally and in prayer.

Friends from church that come, even without their kids! (That’s a big one in my book.)

Friends in our theater family who are not in the show this time, but we can always count on to lend a helping hand.

Friends we don’t see often enough, but will make time in their schedule to let our daughters entertain them.

It is a wealthy person, indeed, who calculates riches not in gold, but in friends.
~Jim Stovall

How lucky are we, to be so rich.

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