Only the Smart and Socially Prominent Will Be There

My daughters are performing in a musical based on Mark Twain’s best selling novel, “Tom Sawyer”. Parents looking to expose their children to the arts while gaining educational insight have purchased their tickets to attend during the November 15-17 weekend. Caring adults without children who believe in supporting children’s theater and bettering the next generation will be there, as well.

What’s that? You say you have other things to do that weekend? That’s great. You carry along with your little tasks. The rest of us will be stomping along with bluegrass tunes, laughing at Tom and Huck’s antics, bitting our fingernails as Injun Joe appears on stage, and falling in love with Becky Thatcher.

In fact, I’d love to invite you personally, but the show really is meant for the educated, socially prominent folks in our community. You probably wouldn’t be interested.

You really want to come, huh?

What makes you think that I can let ya’?
As much as I’d like to say “yes”.
I dare not let you try
You’re just not qualified
And [the community] is depending on our best!*

All right. If you really think you can fit in with the rest of us, click on over to the Journey Theater Arts Group page and buy your tickets for “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer TYA.” 

I must warn you. The young actors are talented and you may find yourself wanting to attend more shows. Journey Theater does have 4 areas around the Portland/Vancouver area, all with different productions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. If you have young ones yourself, they may want to be part of this gifted group.

Bless my stars! I do believe you’ve proved your intelligence and social status well enough to attend this show. I’ll see you there!

Disclaimer: If, after reading this post, you’ve regressed to the painful rejection of your middle school years, I apologize. This is sarcastic satire. Just my attempt in channeling Mr. Twain.

*Smart Like That lyrics by Don Schlitz

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