Presently, I am reveling in owning one home. Never wanting to be landlords in the first place, we finally sold the home we moved out of in 2010.

Presently, we owe the bank for a house and a car. All other money coming in goes to the services we use, learning and bonding opportunities for our family, and giving to others who need a hand.

Presently, the girls are doing well as home-schoolers. We have no morning stress to get out the door, no homework anxiety in the afternoon, and no middle-school drama from other kids. (As someone who had a career working with middle schoolers – there is always drama.)

Presently, we are all healthy. Sure, a cold has been passing through the family, but it’s nothing a little nasal spray can’t help conquer.

Presently, Edd has a job. A job he likes. He job he doesn’t mind going to every day. 

Presently, the house is full of song and dance as the girls’ upcoming performance fast approaches.

Presently, I am thankful my husband finds women in athletic wear attractive. I don’t see myself wanting to dress out of yoga pants anytime soon. You can judge. I don’t care. He thinks I’m beautiful.

Presently, I’m happy I found an exercise program I like so soon I won’t feel like I’m only comfortable in yoga pants.

Presently, we have a strong faith community.

Presently, we live in a town I love. Though we may not see the sun again until July, the green surrounding me symbolizes life.

Presently, nothing in my past is causing me grief and nothing in my future is causing anxiety. 

Things may change tomorrow. They may change 5 minutes from now. 

But presently? I’m realizing the present is a good place to be.

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