So Many Things

This Thanksgiving, while the world comes to the internet to share all for which they’re thankful, I am reminded how lucky I am.

Always most thankful for them.
So many things – too many things – with which I’ve been blessed. 

Those I’ve taken for granted.
Those for which I’ve thanked God, then promptly asked Him for more.
Those which I’ve looked upon as a curse, but turned out to be a blessing after all.

I complain more than I thank. I rant more than I rave. 

Then a friend sends me this blog post because it’s about a woman and Disneyland and I am put in my place by this beautiful writer. Just a snippet of what she says:

But I can also honestly say that I’m not so sure I would’ve done this pre cancer.  I would’ve been too hung up about being alone and wondering what the other people in line would think about me standing there by myself.

Read all of her story here. Then be thankful for life.

Follow Heather’s journey through her blog, Kairos Time.

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