What Kind of Blog is This, Anyway?

When I first came up with the whole Nature of a Servant thing on Blogger, it was strictly to keep myself accountable to my 2012 New Year’s Resolution. In fact, at first I didn’t even want it public. Then I figured the more friends/family/strangers that knew, the more to whom I’d be answerable.

A few months into blogging, I realized readers searched my site to find community serving opportunities. Yay! In my mind, the blog became my ministry, encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones and serve.

When I joined the BlogHer network in Summer 2012, I entered Nature of a Servant under the Life/Spirituality category, believing my posts fit those looking to put Jesus’ words into action when he commanded we act as servants rather than masters.

2012 ended and with it, my weekly volunteering with different organizations. I kept the blog though, mostly for random thoughts, focusing on the non-profits with which I took a bigger role, and highlighting conversation about serving in the area, the country, or around the world. And yes, I talked about my family because, well, they’re my family. (Note: NaBloPoMo doesn’t count. All subjects are fair game there.)

Which leads me to my question/point: Do I have a “family blog”?

BlogHer took Nature of a Servant out of the Spirituality category and put it into the Family category. I thought it was a mistake, but they informed me that because I talk about my children in many posts, it made sense for content and ads to put it there.

Don’t misunderstand…I’m good in the “Family” category. I just worry a tad because originally I wanted my blog to resonate with everyone; singles, teens, moms, ministers – whomever. I never thought of it as a “I need help with dinner ideas or parenting or getting along with my husband” type of site. 

I do realize since my experiment ended, my daily life with the offspring probably gets written about more often then not. So I ask you: how would you categorize Nature of a Servant? Your answers will help decide what I choose to post in the future.

Serving with adults…
and serving with family. Where does it fit?

Thanks for your support. It means the world to me!

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