If My Kids Did Play Sports, I’d Want Them On A Team Like This

My Drama Queen girls do not play sports. We tried. Really.

Eldest, who hates competition, was on swim team for a few years. Every time she swam a heat with a friend, she would politely let her friend finish first. Good manners, you know.
Youngest played soccer. However, picking grass on the field or socializing with teammates is way more exciting than kicking a stupid ball around. We called quits after 2 seasons.
While my husband wishes with all of his might his darling daughters would show interest in some athletic fashion, I am truly happy not to sit on the sidelines during the rain or to wake up before dawn to sit in humidity for the day. Our delicate apples fall from Mama’s tree.
Most of our family friends, though, immerse in the sports world. In early December, a friend asked if her daughter’s hot shot softball team could serve dinner to the couch-surfing youth at HomePlate.
Usually dinner is staffed by adults who sometimes bring their children. This time kids, younger than most they would be serving, would do the heavy work. We made sure plenty of parents would be there to help. After a short time though, adults weren’t really necessary. This team pulled together.

We live in a time where sports take a huge chunk of kids’ lives. Families entire schedules revolve around games and practices – not always for a short season anymore. A lot of times, this commitment is year-round.
When I met this team, I saw girls not only dedicated to a sport – but to each other. Talking with parents I learned of their activities together off the field and in the community. How heartening to know serving others became a priority. 
I’ve often said (for my own selfish reasons) how grateful I am my girls aren’t interested in sports that would consume our family time. But you know what? If they had teammates as supportive and kind as the Oregon Silver Bullets, it wouldn’t be so bad.

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