Stitch Fix Experience #3

Well, Lent is over and I’m blogging once more. I’ve had two Stitch Fix boxes delivered since Ash Wednesday, so it’s time to catch up. You can read about my first ever Stitch Fix experience here and scope out my second Fix here.

Stitch Fix is a breeze to use. Create an account online, fill in your preferences, and order your first fix. Each box has a $20 style fee, but you can put that money toward your purchase. 

After you’ve tried on the 5 items sent to you, send back what doesn’t work and pay for what does. Leaving specific comments about each item helps your stylist pick out a perfect fit for your next fix.

Here are my results for Stitch Fix #3:

Item #1: Under Skies Camillia Floral Sleeveless Blouse

At first I didn’t like this on me. Then I did. Then I didn’t. My eldest daughter did. My husband didn’t. So, there you have it. I’m wishy-washy and I went with my husband’s opinion.
Result: Sent Back

Item #2: Mak Jaclynn 3/4Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan

Ummmm, I couldn’t even get this across my chest. I wear a Large – I swear – but this may have been a children’s large? Or I need to hold off on the lattes. Or both. 
Result: N. O. 

Item #3: Crosby Cally Skinny Jean

There is a reason I’m not pictured wearing these jeans. Yes, they are “skinny”; so skinny I could not even get them past my thighs. I already mentioned the overabundance of lattes, but these are a size 10 and I just bought 2 pairs of size 10 pants at Nordstrom. Seriously. These must be children’s sizes right? Oh, wait. Look at the price tag. At that cost, they’d better make me look like a size 0 AND be as comfortable as pajamas.
Result: HE** NO.

Item #4: Jill Michael Carmen Nugget Bar Necklace

Look closely. Does this look like a $48 necklace to you? It didn’t to me. In fact, it arrived tangled. I didn’t even want to take the time to untangle it in order to try it on. So, in the box it stayed. 
Result: In the box it went.

Item #5: Chris & Carol Ferdinand Striped Dolman Sleeve Top

I had just about given up hope with this Fix when I tried on this lightweight, dolman sleeved top. I loved it! If a garment can make me feel like I’m wearing pajamas, I’m sold. In this picture I’m wearing it with a skirt and leggings, but I’ve also been wearing it with rolled up jeans and booties. It looks like a sweatshirt but is thin enough to wear for Spring and Summer. 
Result: Hardly in my closet because I wear it all the time.

I will call this Fix a win! Interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself? Click on this link and register. Don’t forget to tell me what you end up getting. Seeing others’ fixes is just as thrilling as receiving my own!

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