Still Behind, But Still Moving: A Self Pep-Talk

After 1 year I’m still one of the slowest at boot camp, but I’m still working out.
After 2 years I’m still in therapy, but each time I learn a little more about myself.
After 3 years of blogging I’m still an “unknown”, but I’m still writing.
After 6 years of youth ministry I don’t have any Bible verses memorized, but I know Jesus loves you and me.
After 10 years of teaching I can’t remember the rules of positives and negatives, fractions, and decimals, but I can still balance my checkbook.
After 14 years of being a mother I still have no idea what I am doing, but my kids eat at least three times a day.
Do you see what is in this cup?
It’s soda.
I don’t allow soda.
And yet…
After 18 years of being a wife I still pick stupid fights with my husband, but I live with someone who loves me anyway.
After 24 years of making dinner I still overcook pork and chicken, but no one’s died.
After 44 years of being Andee I’m just as confused as ever, but each day I remind myself the real adventure is exploring what lies ahead.

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