The Good News This Week… Nov 8

Edd and I have a Saturday morning ritual. Whomever wakes first makes the coffee and brings the other a cup in bed. He pulls out his iPad and I flip open my laptop. We surf the inter webs and share stories we find with each other.

Last week, I realized all of the news items we shared were scary, sad things. I couldn’t take it anymore. I closed the sites I read and instead scoured the net for stories which made me feel good. So now, I’m passing the good news on to you.

I’d like to try something new. Each Saturday I’ll share the stories which motivated me, inspired me, or just made my heart happy. Come visit me here each week when you need to give your mood a lift.

Sharing a Moment:

Sharing Stories:
Right. That would be Nope. Nope for me.
Or, you know, 25 times like me.
My girls are a bit older, but I tell them the same things.
Or to become friends with one. 
I have strong opinions about the dress code rules for girls lately. If any of these boys were my son, I’d be so proud.
Sharing a Song:
A favorite song from a favorite movie – I am SO digging this version.

Hope something here brought a smile to your face. 

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