The Good News This Week…November 14

Sharing the good news I find because I’m sick of reading the bad.

Sharing a Moment:

Teens leading teens in worship.

Sharing Stories:

10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be by Tim Hoch

Seriously. Life is difficult enough as is. Drop the things in this list and give yourself a break.
He was honorable as a Marine, but to do this is the ultimate in selflessness.
Are You Being Persecuted, shared by Rachel Held Evans
Does this apply to you? If not, shut up.
You are the best you there is. You don’t need to explain.
On November 13, school was closed in our district for weather related issues. The roads were icy in the morning, but it never did snow. The Beaverton teen twitter-sphere was hilarious on Thursday. Scroll to Nov 13 and take a look. Our kids are pretty funny. Read this article from The Oregonian.
Sharing a Talk:

Amy Cuddy talks about the importance of body language – not to influence others, but to change yourself. I’ve done a version of this before, but next time I preach in church, I’ll kill it!

Hope something here brought a smile to your face. 

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  1. Kelly Rodriguez says

    This is a great roundup. I love the first link. Life can be hard enough…no need to make it harder. Have a great weekend!

  2. Elin Stebbins Waldal says

    Love that Ted Talk on body language, so fascinating. I found myself sitting up a little bit straighter in my chair! 🙂

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