The Good News This Week…November 22

Tired of the bad news so sharing the motivating, inspiring, or just funny stories I found this week:

Sharing a Moment:
My friend, Heather, donated her kidney this week. She looks great and I am so proud of her! (The recipient looks pretty dang good, too!)
Sharing Stories:
8-Year-Old’s “Buddy Bench”, by Good News Network
Every single school in America should have this. Brilliant.
I MET HER! Sorry. Not calmed down, yet.
Because I’m all about the meaningful gift.
I have immense respect for this man.
I fell in love with Owen from the stories by his dad, Ron Suskind. Not only is his life an example of the utmost beauty, but Disney is involved. Owen + Disney = Pure Magic.
Sharing a Song:
I am adamant about waiting until the Thanksgiving turkey is consumed before listening to Christmas music. But, THIS! Complete brilliance I may listen to all year because it’s funny, catchy, and Kristen Bell. (You may have to click the link to watch on YouTube.)

Hope something here brought a smile to your face. 

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