The Good News This Week…November 29

Sharing the good news because I’m sick of the bad.

Sharing a Moment:
I know. I’ve been over sharing. I was interviewed on KKPZ, a local Christian radio talk station about my blog. I loved telling everyone about the great places to volunteer in the Portland area. Here is a selfie with me, Vernon the host, and Paul the Operations Manager (and friend).
*Update* You can listen to the podcast right here:

Sharing Stories:

The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Holiday Gift Guides, by Danielle Vermeer
This post speaks directly to my heart of all things that matter.

Meet Devonte, the little boy with the big heart, by Chloe Johnson
I’ve never been prouder of a child who isn’t my own. He has a true nature of a servant.

Benjamin Watson’s Ferguson post on Facebook
One NFL player pretty much sums it up for all of us.

Dying “Simpsons” Co-Creater, Donating Entire Fortune to Animals, Children by Eleanor Goldberg on Huff Post
Passing away with the nature of a servant

The Amazing Moments We’re Not Photographing on BlogHer
I feel like I whip my iPhone out for everything that happens, but the truth is, the special times aren’t recorded and that’s more than okay.

Sharing a Song:

The time has come! Thanksgiving now over, I will play this version of “Mary Did You Know” over and over. Thank you YouTube, for giving us Pentatonix.

Hope something here brought a smile to your face. 

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