What is Your Passion?

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What do you love to do more than anything else?

Last Spring, a literary agent asked me if my priority was to be a writer, a teacher, or a minister. 


I’m fortunate. My husband works his tail off* so I can stay home and do all of these things at once. While I used to be employed as a teacher, then a youth minister, now I like incorporating these traits into my writing.

Doing what I love makes me a better person.

What if you can’t do what you love for a living? I know it’s not always possible. Bills need to be paid and kids need to be fed. Are you finding your passion outside of work hours?

I fully believe God when made us individuals, He gave us callings for what we love to do. If you find your gift and use it, it’s a total act of worship.

Every so often, our pastor, Troy, lets me take a Sunday to share a message. My brain starts turning when he asks me to fill in. I love the preparation, the study, diving into the Bible, and then figuring out how I can craft the message to be conversational with my church friends.

This Sunday, November 23 at 10:15ish, I’ll share my passion of teaching/preaching at Kaleo Covenant Church. If you’re in the Portland area, I’d love for you to stop by. Don’t be afraid – no one there bites. In fact, they’re more likely to shove food in your mouth. Or coffee.

Good, gourmet, coffee. Roasted by one of Kaleo’s own because it’s his passion.

It’s what Portlanders do.

What is your passion? Share with me in the comments below.

*Sometimes people say how lucky I am to be married to a man with a good job. Let me just say, this man has put a lot of sweat, tears, and determination to get where he is. Luck had nothing to do with it. I never want to take his hard work for granted.


  1. Laura Ann Klein says

    My passion is writing. And the more I write the more passionate I become about writing. I believe that our creator gives every human a purpose in life via gifts and to repay the gifts it is up to us to live our passions responsibly and respectfully. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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