Not about the lights, but about the Light

When we bought our house less than 2 years ago I thought, 

At last! We finally have a house where we can outline the roof, doors, and windows with white lights at Christmas!

My favorite holiday decorations are outside lights. Something about the glow in the night lights my spirit. I don’t need to go all Griswold on everyone, but I like shimmer.

Our first Christmas here, Edd put lights up around the roof’s eaves. 

But what about the peaks? And the windows? 

I’m not climbing on that roof, Andee. No way.

I couldn’t argue with him. I mean, people die falling off of slippery roofs. But, also, I like my lights. 

The strings of mini-lights around the trees in the front yard gave off a little more festivity, but our roof line and gables remained dark.

This year, Edd announced he wouldn’t be putting lights around the eaves again. Something about the danger of the super steep drop when he places the extension ladder outside of our daylight basement on the lumpy mud clumps. I wish I could say I am woman enough to brave it myself, but please. That involves manual labor.

What if we hired someone to put lights on the house? I threw him the promotional postcard we got in the mail.

You’re telling me you want to take money out of our budget so someone will put lights up and then take them back down again? Money that could go to charity?

I hate it when he gets all do-goodery on me.

How about if I buy those rope lights and wrap them around our columns? he compromised.

I conceded. It wasn’t my dream, gingerbread-looking house, but we all know I am not putting those lights up, myself.

Last week, I told you I’m making a change this Advent. I’m taking time to slow down and not rush into weeks of panic attacks and stress. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the lights that are important, it’s the Light. 

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.John 8:12

It doesn’t matter how many bulbs are lit on my home, I am secure knowing I will never walk in darkness. This is what truly matters to me. 
Edd won’t put himself in danger when it comes to decorations, but you know what? I think our lights are pretty great this year and I pray the Light in us will shine even brighter.


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