The Good News This Week…December 6

Sharing the good news because I’m sick of the bad. And lately? It seems there’s been a lot of bad.

Sharing a Moment:
My dad turned 70 this week. How is that possible?

Sharing Stories:
Advent is Here, by David Ozab
I love the peaceful feeling I get just reading this. There is something about the holy readings of advent in a child’s voice that plucks my heartstrings.
What a way to bless the community.
If you gotta go, you might as well use it to go.
I need to engrain this in my heart. Or tattoo it on my forehead.
It’s my town. How can I not share?
Sharing a Song:

Taylor Swift has taken over my radio, but I will not let her take this one from Wham. My friend, Lisa, sent this to me. Long live the 80s and our Christmas music! 

Hoping something here brought a smile to your face.

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