Proud of Portland: Welcome LGBT Christians!

Portland and Mt Hood
Photo: RONg Flickr Creative Commons

We’ve moved our family up and down the West Coast for the last 20 years and today, I’m remembering why we fought to get back to (and hopefully remain settled in) Portland, OR. 

Don’t get me wrong. I miss the sun and the Mouse in Orange County and the doughnuts north of Seattle, but when we thought about raising teenagers, the Rose City is where we wanted them to grow into adults.

The city-wide hospitality**, the green initiatives in everything from homes to big business, and respect for individuality make our location stand out for sure. But this weekend – oh, this weekend – Portland is playing host to a conference of visitors and I just know they’ll feel at home here.

Portland, OR Skyline - Hawthorne Bridge
Photo: Nathan, Flickr Creative Commons

The Gay Christian Network chose our town to come together and network. Now, I’m not naive enough to believe EVERYONE shares the same beliefs when it comes to homosexuality and the Bible. But I am confident enough to know 98% of Portlanders will show love to our guests no matter if views are a little different. (The 2% Crazy is always around. We’re working on that.)

Some of you know I’ve been able to play guest host for radio show, Rose City Forum, on KKPZ 1330AM. If I may boast…I’m honored to be affiliated with the station which will be covering the Gay Christian Network Conference. “Like” the KKPZ Facebook page and be on the lookout for reports!

Thanks, GCN, for trusting our city for your gathering. It’s just one more reason I can tell my kids, “See? THIS is why we moved back here!”

**I love our city wide hospitality, but I also admit my view as a middle-aged, middle-class, white woman may be skewed. I pray everyone who lives here feels the way I do, not just society’s definition of “privileged”.

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