The Good News of This Week…January 10

I’m back to sharing a few happy things I found on the internet this week. Trust me, in the midst of tragedy, we need this. (Je Suis Charlie.)

Sharing a Moment:
We went to the coast before school started again. I’ve never had a winter break so stress-free. This was a perfect end to our relaxed 2 weeks together.

Sharing Stories:

How does a homeless man spend $100?
I’m sure this happens more often than not. Seriously.

Creative Dad turns Daughter’s Sayings Into Art
I’d love to see what he could do with the things my youngest has said.

Teacher finishes Doodles of His Students’ Drawings
I have seen many doodles in my day. Obviously, art is making me happy this week. 

Telling American Idol to Take a Hike
Yay for having respect for music AND each other!

Sometimes, Life Takes a Toll
A Facebook friend wrote this post, and I SO wish I could have responded in this situation like her son did. It doesn’t matter how much I say I want to show grace – I usually don’t.

Sharing a TED talk:

I bet losing weight is a resolution for a lot of us. (Not me this year. I’m going to try the fat and happy approach.) Sigh. This lecture by Sandra Aamondt tells me why I may never see 130 lbs. again. 

I hope something here inspired you today. Lets all remember to pray for France and Nigeria as well, shall we? 

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  1. Terje says

    The pic on the beach is precious. Children who grow up with these kind of moments will work toward the peace not conflict.

  2. Andrea Payan says

    Thanks for so many links and the inspiration. I love the idea of sharing these types of things in a Celebrate post.

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