The Good News This Week…January 31

Finding the good stuff because there is too much bad out there.

Sharing a Moment:
Emma had a few theater friends over last night to practice for their upcoming show. They were very excited to draw the name for my blog giveaway of The Grand Paradox, by Ken Wytsma. A little too excited, actually. Congratulations, Sandra C. I know you will love this book!

Sharing Stories:

Walking On
My friend, Cornelia, and her husband were recently in an accident. While walking across the street, they were struck by a car. Thank God they are both alive. Here you can see her personality shine through – even while in recovery.

Kaleb Whitbey’s Crash
Speaking of miracles, this gives me chills. There is no way this man should have survived – and yet…

Pictures of Clergy for Mugshots
I’d do this in a heartbeat. So awesome.

Bullies Picked on Him Everyday, Until He Did This One Simple Thing
This boy is stronger than I could ever be. What a hero.

32 Kids Who Are Hilariously Picky Eaters
This made me laugh. Especially because my 15-year-old STILL believes #24 and my 12-year-old picks apart everything I put in front of her. 

Sharing a Video:
This brings me joy in all sorts of ways. Seriously. Look how far we’ve come. Although, those free AOL CDs did make great coasters. I give you: The Facebook.

Hoping something I’ve shared brings you inspiration or a smile. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Haralee says

    I used those early AOL cds to hang on my blueberry netting to scare the birds. Yes it looked like a bad 1980 disco but it helped with the birds! Thanks for the good stuff and adorable picture of your actors.

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