The Good News This Week…February 14

News is strange as always. Hoping something here will make you laugh or uplift you in some way. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who care about it. (I’m a scrooge.) And Happy Birthday to my mom! (I do care about that.)

Sharing a Moment:
I may not appreciate the day of expensive roses and chocolates, but I do love a good Galentine’s Day. Last night, I spent the evening with some of my favorite ladies. Why does it seem my girls nights are less and less frequent? I need to remedy this.

Sharing Stories:

Middle School girls develop app for Alzheimer’s patients
I love this on so many levels. Middle school! Alzheimer’s help! Verizon – get on this please. Then get it to Apple.

Remake of Pete’s Dragon
One of my favorite Disney movies of all time. While it sounds like it will stray quite a bit from the original, I am so excited to see Elliott again. “Candle on the Water” was sung in our wedding. This story has a special place in my heart. 

Time for a Life-Redesign
One of the women in a blogging group I’m part of shared this. I love the message and these are practical tips.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dogs
Who knew I’d become a dog person. Our Thorr changed my heart. A lot of these were new to me.

Kids More Serious About Volunteering
I’ll agree to this. I’m seeing it often. And most schools are including serving as part of the curriculum. I have high hopes for the generation of my daughters. They have to make the world a better place, right? It’s hard to imagine it could get worse.

Sharing a Video:
Jon Stewart’s announcement this week shook me a bit. Who will I trust on television now? Certainly not actual “news” shows, right? This video by journalism students rightly picks on FOXNews, though other news shows could easily be called into question. Good job, kids!

Here’s wishing for you a good news week all around. 

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