We’d Crucify Jesus

be a good american... follow blindly
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If a man came to America claiming to heal in the name of God, we’d call him a shyster. Or a tele-evangelist. 

If a man came to America challenging ideals and values we’ve clung to for decades, FOXNews Pharisees would fill airwaves with hate toward him.

If a man said to help the poor no matter the circumstance, America would tell him, “Hell, no. I’ll help on my terms only.”

If a man told America not to push first in line, not to climb the corporate ladder, not to base success on wealth and power, he would be ridiculed. And then shoved to the end of the line.

If a man came to America prophesying, but was not born here, well – never mind. He’d never get in the country to do so.

If a man came to America turning water into wine, we’d turn him into a party trick. Colleges and mom’s book clubs would love him.

If a man said to Americans, Sell everything you have and follow me. We’d say, We don’t actually own any of this stuff. We’re in debt.

If a woman claimed any of the above, she would be labeled blasphemous.

If a man came to America telling people, Leave your family and follow me. I will make you fishers of men. We would call the people following him “idiots” and stage an intervention. 

Christians believe Jesus will come again. What are we looking for? An Israeli, bearded man wearing a toga and Birkenstocks?

I’d be afraid if Jesus came to America, this pathetic lot. We’d crucify him. 

Then again, this pathetic lot is exactly why we need his return.

*Yes, Biblically speaking his return will be different. Take this as a point of reflection.

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