Why We Argue About Yoga Pants


Yep. Yoga pants. Please tell me you’ve read, seen or heard of the controversy? It’s been ev. ery. where. You’re not going to make me link to it, are you? Ugh. Ok. Here it is.
Last week, Ashley P. Dickens published this beautiful post: Ten Things We Should Get Angry About Before Yoga Pants. And she’s right. There are so many more important topics on which to focus. 

Who cares if the original poster doesn’t want other men lusting after her because she’s wearing lycra instead of denim? A lot of people actually. So why the shallow, lame debates? 

It’s easy. Heated debates about leggings are easy. I can do it from my laptop while drinking coffee and watching The Daily Show. I can fill my Facebook wall and Buffer my Tweeted opinions. And I can get rid of all of this built up rage inside of me stemming from actual devastation in the world.

When I think about the hardships Dickens listed they really get me down, you know?

Humanitarian aid: Too hard. Don’t want to research and bum out my mood.
Foster care: Too hard. Don’t want to disrupt my lifestyle.
Malnutrition: I send my money to World Vision, don’t I? Let them take care of it.
Human trafficking: So sad. So heartbreaking. But what can I do about it? I think my daughters are safe.
Ebola: Don’t make me think about this. Too scary. Stay away – preferably in another country far, far away.
Persecution: As long as it doesn’t happen in my bubble, I’ll pray it goes away. That should do it.

But yoga pants? This is a fight I can win! This is a fight which affects me! 
I have yoga pants. 
I wear yoga pants. 
I will most likely die in yoga pants. (But please make sure they are high waisted. We don’t need my belly hanging out in the coffin.)

And really, isn’t it all about me? I can be an activist! Just give me a problem I can solve without getting off the couch. 

**If you are not familiar with my writing, please take this as tongue in cheek. I do care about important issues, I promise.**


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